Tired of Stupid Interview Questions?

These are tough times!
Interviewing for a job is something we all have done.  And nobody enjoys it.
The process is awkward and definitely not comfortable. The people asking the questions are usually just as uncomfortable as you. This, combined with the fact that there is a lot of misinformation on the subject of just how to conduct an effective interview leads to some very strange situations.

I'm not sure where interviewers come up with some of these job interview questions and I cetainly have no idea what they are looking for.

The frustration of looking for a job, and having to face these ridiculous questions during every interview can push some people to the edge.

"Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh"

So, why did I write this book? There are lots of serious reasons, but the truth is, it sounded like fun.  And it was!

Here is you opportunity to own one of the funniest books ever on a subject everyone has experienced. Take your time and read through the table of contents and then read some of the sample questions and answers.  I know you will crack a smile.


Barry Shamis